Luzerne Borough
144 Academy Street
Luzerne, PA 18709
P: (570) 287-7633 | F: (570) 287-7842
Office Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Fire Department

If you encounter an emergency situation, call 911

Volunteer Fire Department of Luzerne Borough

66 Tener Street, Luzerne, Pa 18709

Luzerne Borough Volunteer Fire Department is fortunate in having three pieces of apparatus available for fire protection, a 2004 KME pumper, 1991 Sutphen and a 1983 GME Cascade and lighting truck. This is outstanding for the land mass involved and population it covers assuring everyone of ample coverage.

The Volunteer Fire Department of Luzerne Borough has also been a key figure in the West Side Mutual Aid, a society set up to provide excellent fire coverage on the West Side. Luzerne was one of the original charter members. Its members have and continue to serve in many capacities.

Current Officers for are as follows:
Fire Chief: Ron RahlFinancial Secretary: Angie Rifenbery
1st Asst. Chief: Jim Santewan Jr. Treasurer: Robert Yakus
1st Dep Chief: Jeff RifenberyVice President: Randy Bush
2nd Asst, Chief: Mike Rahl Parliamentarian: Dave Baker Sr.
2nd Deputy Chief: Frank Barber Sr.Secretary: Wayne Harger
Frank Barber Sr., Jim Santewan, Bob Morgan, Jeff Rifenbery and Randy Bush

Yearly Fund Raiser:
*Chicken BBQ – 4th Sunday in August.
*Annual Fund Drive May – June each year.
Hall Rentals – Contact 570-287-7006