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“What’s Happening in Luzerne”

APRIL 2020

       CoronaVirus Proclamation

Updated Proclamation will be posted shortly.


Council Work Session – Canceled

Council Monthly  Meeting – to be announced at further date

Luzerne Borough Planning/Zoning Workshop– to be announced at further date

Meetings are open to the public and held at the Luzerne Borough Building, 144 Academy Street, Luzerne, Pa 18709



2020 Census Matters More Than Ever

  Completing your 2020 United States Census is now more important than ever for the future of Northeast Pennsylvania. In general, the Census helps determine the amount of federal funding our local municipalities and the County receive, which while always crucial will play an even larger role now as the area recovers from the COVID-19 crisis gripping the nation.

Why It Matters
Each census response from the community has the potential to help the area move forward from our current crisis, while ensuring that Luzerne County and its municipalities can meet the needs of its residents over the next ten years. Here is a breakdown of how powerful taking the time to complete the census can be:

  • Each person counted equals $2,100 in federal funding each year for a variety of federal projects, including:  social programs, infrastructure, roads, prisons, schools and parks. 
  • If we miss just 500 people county-wide, that comes out to over $1 million per year, and $10 million total until the next census
  • Additionally, the census can decide how the concerns of Luzerne County residents are heard in Washington, D.C. since it helps determine Electoral College votes and congressional districts

Be Counted
While April 1st is considered Census Day, responses will be collected over the next several months, but the earlier the response the better. When you respond to the census, count everyone living in your home as of April 1st. There are several options available to complete your census:

·         Online– Visit .

·         By Phone– Call 844-330-2020. Phone lines are open every day from 7am to 2am Eastern Time.

·         By mail– All homes will receive a paper questionnaire if they do not first respond online or by phone. Simply fill out form and return it via mail.

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James Keller – Mayor
Michael Jancuska – Chairman
Anthony Perzia -Vice Chairman – Finance
Jason Tarreto – Council – Roadmaster
Mary Ellen Schell – Council – Police
Susan Kalinay – Council – Parks and Recreation
Jonathan Spohrer – Solicitor
Bill Balavage – Treasurer
Linda Booth – Secretary
Michael J. Kotwasinki – Chief of Police
John Lohman – Tax Collector
Tim Connolly, Tetra Tech – Engineer


Regional Stormwater Management Program
In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charged with regulating stormwater pursuant
to the Clean Water Act (CWA).
In 2016, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEPI labeled approximately 19,000 mites Of rivers
and streams in Pennsylvania impaired for water supply, aquatic life, recreation or fish consumption.

Stormwater runoff is one Of the biggest reasons for impairment.

Under existing federal law, municipalities in Northeastern Pennsylvania must curb pollution of the
Susquehanna River by as much as 10% in the next five years (2018-2023). Stormwater carries an
immense amount Of pollution, including sediment. Car oil, lawn fertilizers and pesticides. Those
pollutants have many negative impacts on our Streams and rivers.
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